Executive Forum on Digital Innovations in Precision Medicine on 9/20 at Johns Hopkins MCC

Executive Forum on Digital Innovations in Precision Medicine on 9/20 at Johns Hopkins MCC
<span>Hear from 5 Digital Health Startup CxO&#39;s at this first event, in a new series of four annual meetups, that will discuss topics covering the OMICS, Digital Health, and Precision Medicine Data Science space<em>.&nbsp; </em>Join us at Johns Hopkins Montgomery County Campus for a&nbsp;Panel discussion with refreshments, drinks and networking</span>

Digital OMICS Innovators Meetup

First in a series of four annual meetups around the Capital Beltway on topics covering OMICS, Digital Health and Precision Medicine Data Science.

Panel discussion with refreshments, drinks and networking


September 20, 2018, Thursday; 5:00-8:00 PM

Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus

9605 Medical Center Dr, Rm 121, Rockville, MD 20850


Hear from some of the hottest startup CXOs in the biohealth capital region.


Welcome and opening remarks

  • Chris Frew, Founder and CEO, BioBuzz;
  • Platinum Sponsor Welcome remarks – Sam Sarkar, CEO, Synergy BIS

Event Convener and Moderator:

  • Harsha Rajasimha, MS, PhD, Founder & CEO, Jeeva Informatics

Precision Medicine and the emerging trends: Leading the way to drive a paradigm shift in clinical and translational research.

Panel Speakers:

  1. Perthera AI report for Cancer – Dr. Emanuel (Chip) Petricoin, Founder and CSO, Perthera
  2. Personalized exposure health - Eric Klos, CEO, DailyBreath
  3. Medical Cannabis and Precision Medicine – John Powers, PhD, MBA, CEO BioremediesMD
  4. Health data ownership and sharing (digital health) – Raj Sharma, CEO, HealthWizz

Drinks, Appetizers and Networking

Event Hosts for the Meetup on Sep 20, 2018:                            Sponsored by:

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Each of the four Meetups will include a panel of prolific speakers focused on emerging innovations in precision medicine, OMICS, patient engagement and data science to accelerate biomedical research. We’ll have experts in genomics, exposure health, innovative medical therapeutics, and precision medicine initiatives. We’re gathering to coalesce around these topics and bring together the experts that can collaborate to advance precision medicine forward faster to bring favorable health outcomes to the most patients in the fastest amount of time. We intend to host two meetups in fall, two in spring, two of them on Maryland side and two on Virginia side of the capital beltway. Contact for sponsorship: info@jeevadx.com

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